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  • “One has three ways to act:
    First, through thinking ahead, this is the most precious;
    second, through imitation, this is the easiest;
    third through experience, this is the most painful. “
    Confucius (551 – 479 BC), Chinese Philosopher
  • “Business strategy is less a function of grandiose predictions than it is a result of being able to respond rapidly to expected changes as they occur. That’s why strategy has to be dynamic and anticipatory. “
    Jack Welch, Former CEO General Electric
  • “As we lost our targets, we had to double our efforts.”
    Mark Twain (1835-1910), American writer

Therefore, we believe in Solar Singularity and aim to contribute to a “Low Carbon Future” with Solar – and Battery Energy Storage – Systems


LCF KULOĞLU’s investment strategy is based on the acquisition, optimization, and operation of 

small-scale solar PV assets 

through a standardized process that relies on aggregation.

When referring to small-scale, 

solar PV assets management 

with an installed capacity of about 3 – 4 MW are intended.

The acquisition is organized in a factory-style process, handling blocks of 10 assets in parallel. The objective is to manage three such blocks, meaning up to 100 MW, per year.

Following the acquisition, LCF KULOĞLU immediately launches a 2-stage improvement program.

The aim of LCF KULOĞLU is to generate de-risked cashflows and long-term stable returns which are guaranteed by a) the feed-in tariff regime and b) innovative and efficient asset management based on the experience of our Partner LCF Italy.


LCF KULOGLU’s Development strategy is based on working directly with landowners and developers to invest in and project manage the greenfield solar PV projects from the initial identification of land parcels and discussions with landowners through the full permitting process and finally the construction and operation for the lifetime of the asset.

Ranked as the # 1 Project Developer: Winner of 77,4 MW (15 %) in the first licensing round and committed 320 k USD/MW for the A.C. connection less than the next four competitors (incl. AKFEN, FIRST SOLAR). As a result the two J.V. companies (GÜN GÜNEŞ and RA GÜNEŞ) saved 25 mn USD vis a vis the next four competitors!

Fully developed 50 utility-scale Solar PV projects of 1500 MW ready to participate in the upcoming tenders

We are working with a growing network of development partners to expand our efforts and pipeline, please click here to contact us